Yoga International Two Week Yoga Strength Challenge

I love to work out and always maintain a workout schedule. It’s pretty easy to do so when I’m home since I can head to the gym or go for a run, but when I’m traveling or get really busy, it’s extremely hard to find the time. I was super excited when Yoga International challenged me to a two week yoga strength challenge, which consists of doing one yoga class a day on their platform.

Yoga International.png

During this two week challenge, my goal was to feel more centered, build my strength and overall improve my fitness level. I also wanted to improve my yoga ability and flexibility!

The best part of their platform is that you can easily access it on the Internet so no matter where you are, you can log in and do a class. When it comes to having a hectic schedule, Yoga International is perfect for fitting in a quick yoga class.

I love that the classes are broken down into duration, difficulty and length. When I’m feeling like a challenge I’ll select some of the more difficult classes. Even though some of them are beyond my level of yoga, working on my yoga strength everyday has allowed me to see real improvement in my form and overall body strength! I’m not at the level of doing headstands yet, but hopefully soon enough!

The roster of different yoga classes you can take is super diverse and you can find everything under the sun from core workouts to Vinyasa flow to meditation classes. Aside from the yoga classes, you also have challenges, articles and different courses that you can take to really get an immersive experience in improving your yoga strength!

Just like Yoga International challenged me to the two week challenge, I challenge you to try it out! The great thing about the challenge is that there’s no commitment necessary! If it’s not for you, you can cancel your subscription at any point during the two weeks.