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Vida Glow


My hair has always been something I'm not happy with. It's on the thinner side and never seems to have that glossy shine that you always see in Pantene ads. When I started taking Vida Glow, I was a little skeptical. How can marine collagen make my hair glossy and my skin and nails healthier? I guess I never thought about the idea of taking something internally in order to improve my outward health. 

Anyway, you know those products that you spend oodles of money on only to see zero difference? That's usually the majority of the time for me to the point where I assume something won't make a very big impact be it under eye cream or an acne wash. However, Vida Glow is a whole different story. One that I'm happy to share with you guys. Within only a few weeks of putting this peach flavored packet in my water, I started to notice a nicer shine to my hair and even a sort of "glowey-ness" to my skin. This product is honestly amazing, I've never experienced such a difference from taking something before! 

The flavor is pleasant as well, just mildly tinting your water with flavor. You can also put it into a fruit juice or even on top of yogurt for the same effect. 

Anyone that wants a glow to their skin and a shine to their hair really should try Vida Glow out! I can fully say it did wonders for me :)

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