Make Your Own T-Shirt With TomatoInk!

I was asked to try out TomatoInk's transfer paper in order to make some sort of custom shirt or bag. I decided to try out making a shirt using my own LittleSparkofWanderlust design! To start, I purchased a $3 T-Shirt from Michael's. 

Check them out here!

Creating the Design

If you're interested in creating your own design like I did, there are many free websites that you can do so. In my case, I used the logo design application within to create my own custom LSPOW design. 

The important part is that if you have words in your design, you need to flip it so that it's mirrored. You can easily do this in Preview or the Microsoft equivalent. 


The printing process was extremely easy. All you have to do is put TomatoInk's transfer paper into your printer tray and thats it! Make sure that you have enough ink in your printer.

Transferring the Design

The harder part was transferring the design unto the T-shirt, although there isn't much to it! The key is to have patience and make sure that the paper is ready to be removed before doing so. To start with, cut around the design so that you have as little white space as possible.

Once this is done, iron the design face down in circular motions. It should take about 5 minutes for the design to get hot enough to transfer. You can test peeling the paper to see if it's ready. Once it is, simply peel the paper slowly back and you're done!

It was so cool to have my own professional looking branded T-shirt! I'm definitely going to be using Tomato Ink's transfer paper whenever I need a custom shirt instead of spending a ton of money on a company to do it for me!

Create Your own T-Shirt Design !