Teodora Beauty

Traveling can be quite tough on your beauty regiment. Like most things, you get in a daily routine that is very easily broken once you're out of your home and on the road. For instance, I always had a night routine that included using a cleanser, toner and moisturizer, but it's pretty easy to get out of that routine, especially when it comes to lugging around big bottles of products.

That's why getting to test out Teodora's all natural anti-polution facial mist while I was traveling was such a breeze as it came in a dandy little travel size that could easily fit into my makeup bag. You know that dried up feeling you get on hour five of being on an airplane? This is definitely the cure. It contains YouthSpark Actives Complex, Hyaloronic Acid and Superfruits, which all work to protect and hydrate your skin. Not only this, but a few sprits sets and revives makeup! 

My skin tends to give me problems. I'm a bit of a combination with the typical T-zone break-outs, as well as dry patches. I was able to use Teodora's facial mist after washing my face to eliminate dryness and protect my skin (much needed in the Icelandic climate) without the usual oiliness of a moisturizer. 

Of course, one of my favorite parts of bringing Teodora along with me to Iceland was that I was supporting a local Seattle company (my hometown)! In fact, if you guys have the time, it'd be great if you could vote for them for the Heart of Seattle Award, which is given to a business that sets a high bar for what a good business should be. It's awesome that they're working to be both socially and environmentally active and definitely deserve to win!

Here's the link: www.heartofseattleawards.com/vote/#votenowvotenow