Recharge With the Ones You Love. Campaign With American Express

This post was created in partnership with American Express.

The behind the scenes of a travel influencer is actually a lot of time spent on the computer. Whether I’m responding to emails, planning my next trip or writing a blog post, it’s easy to get caught up in a cycle where I’m always on my laptop, eyes glued to the screen for hours at a time. Although being productive is important, not taking time out of my life to look up and be present in the moment is a grave mistake! On top of that, getting lost in my laptop means that I lose time with the ones that I care about. I love that American Express challenged me to look up from my work and connect with the others I love. In this case I chose my beloved puppy, Alfred.

When I don’t carve out time in my life to bond with him, we both feel it! Getting outdoors and going on an adventure with my favorite good boy is my kind of therapy and allows me to recharge and reconnect to the present moment. In light of American Express’s Live Life Moments campaign, I took Alfred to Sedona to go on a full day of adventures with him, sans laptop.

We started with one of Alfred’s favorite activities, driving in the car with the windows down. I got to enjoy the breathtaking road trip views and Alfred enjoyed the wind in his face. I also took him on an amazing hike in Sedona where we had a ton of bonding moments. Alfred got a little too excited about a rabbit and decided to pull me along. My favorite part of our adventure was sitting down with him and taking in the beautiful view around us.  

I’m excited to partner with American Express to encourage others to connect and recharge with the ones they love, whether they’re furry or human!