Luxury Scent Box

Raise your hand if you can’t make up your mind about anything and when you do you want to change it immediately! Oh it’s not just me? Cool. So when it comes to buying a full bottle of perfume I tend to just avoid it, because A) I always get overwhelmed in Sephora and can never decide which perfume I like enough to commit to buying the entire bottle and B) I’m worried that even if I do find the perfect scent I’ll get sick of it after a few weeks. The perfect solution to this dilemma? Luxury Scent Box.


It’s a perfume subscription service that sends you out small sample sizes of perfume every month so that you don’t need to commit to a certain scent and you can try out as many as you like. This service is just perfect for me, because I know I don’t have to commit to a perfume for a long time and I get to try out as many as I like. They also use a nifty survey so that you can get matched with the perfect perfume for your mood, tastes and usage. This month I’m trying out Calvin Klein CK and so far love it, but who knows if I’ll like a perfume I choose next month better? The whole process is really quite exciting, especially with how cute Luxury Scent Box's packaging is.


Check out their website here!