Meet Your Next Adventure on Badoo

Those that know of Badoo know that it’s much more than just a dating app! Badoo is not only the largest dating app in the world,  but it’s also also a great tool to connect and meet new people on your travels and a must-have app to use on an upcoming trip, especially if you’re traveling solo or single! Although my boyfriend and I travel together, we still have used it a few times to meet new friends on the go! Here are five ways you can use Badoo to enhance your travels and meet new people.

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Use Badoo to Go on Adventure


If you’re traveling solo or traveling with a group that doesn’t know much about the area, you can use Badoo to go on some awesome adventures that only locals know about! There are so many fun and interesting new people to meet on the app even the locals and expats are using it, they’re good to meet as they’re always willing to show people their favorite places. This is a great way to find out about areas that are off the grid and that a typical tourist would know nothing about. On top of this, adventuring definitely brings people together so you could make lifelong friends!

Meet Locals and Get Their Tips

Even if you don’t want to go on a full-blown trek with someone you just met, you can use Badoo to meet locals and expats for coffee or a drink and casually ask them about their favorite hangouts in the area. I’m sure a bit of casual conversation will lead you to find a bunch of excellent insider tips like the best restaurants, cafes and bars and local advice on the best places to check out. TripAdvisor and the internet will only get you so far when it comes to creating the best itinerary and it often leads you to do touristy, overcrowded, overrated and not to mention overpriced activities. The only way to find out the inside scoop is to talk to people who have lived in the area for a while. Sure, if you're confident enough you can go up to a stranger in a bar or cafe, but Badoo makes it so much easier to find nice people who want to hangout and talk!

Go on a Romantic Date in a Foreign Country


Although Badoo can be used for so much more than dating, if you’re single and want to romantically meet up with someone while you travel, Badoo is the app to use! Imagine getting to go on a romantic candle-light dinner next to the Eiffel Tower or meeting up for Margaritas before heading to a night of dancing in Cancun. The possibilities are endless and even if your date doesn’t end up being “the one”, you’re sure to have a night you’ll never forget.

Use Badoo to Find a Travel Partner

Using Badoo isn’t limited to meeting just locals and expats. Plenty of like-minded travelers use the app to meet people, especially if they’re traveling solo. If you decided to go on a grand adventure by yourself, but are looking for some company on the next leg of your trip, Badoo is a great way to meet travelers like yourself that are looking for the same thing! You can meet up with them beforehand to see if you jive and get along and if you become instant friends, you can go from traveling solo to traveling with a partner!  

Meet Up With People to Practice a Foreign Language

If you’re traveling in a Country in which you are actively learning the language, you can use Badoo to meet up with locals to practice conversing. Whether it’s French, Italian, Russian or Japanese, it’s hard to get the courage to approach a native-speaker while traveling and attempt to speak their language. Instead, you can set expectations beforehand and let a potential conversation partner know that you’re interested in meeting up to practice their language. It’s even better if you can find someone who's interested in practicing your language too so that you can switch off and have a mutually-beneficial meet-up!


Badoo is definitely not a singular app, as there’s so many things you can use it for! Whether you’re single and looking to find a hot date or just want to meet like-minded people that you vibe well with, Badoo is an excellent travel tool to have in your backpocket.