Amazfit's Arc

The new Arc by Amazfit remains sleek and stylish while also providing me with useful information about my activity, heart rate, and calories burned. I've been needing a little push to get me to exercise more and setting my daily activity goal on my phone keeps me in check with just how active I am throughout the day. The Arc buzzes when I've reached my daily steps goal of 10,000, which is always a rewarding experience!

Besides monitoring my activity the Arc also connects to my phone to keep track of my sleep patterns. When I don't feel as rested as I should, I can simply check in with the Amazfit app to see  the quality of my sleep. 

I love the Arc, because although I have access to a ton of useful information on my wrist, it maintains a sleek stylish design and also seamlessly connects to my phone through bluetooth to provide me with more in-depth insight into my daily activity and sleep! 

Check them out here!