YANA Australia

I had so much fun on my run at Prospect Park today with my YANA Australia leggings, sports bra, and workout shirt. I'm absolutely obsessed with the leggings, they have a cool leather stripe down the sides and fit perfectly. The sports bra is beyond comfy and the workout shirt is light, airy and perfect for keeping cool when you want to work out. I ran around prospect to take them on a test run and I was not disappointed. I'm super stoked to wear my YANA ensemble when I go hiking this Saturday! :) YANA was designed with us wanderlusters and travelers in mind, its comfy design is perfect for on-the-go girls that love to stay active. 

Check out some of the pictures of my run! I'm wearing the Katia Signature Tank, Dee Dee Slim Line Signature Bra, and Molly Active Travel Signature Leggings.

Love what you see? Peek their website!

image (5).jpg