Lagoon Car Rental and My Trip Around the Ring Road

Over the span of 10 days we got to drive around the ring road thanks to Lagoon Car Rental and I really could not fathom doing it any other way. Iceland is so much more than the “tourist hotspots” that can be found throughout the country. That’s not to say seeing them isn’t a must, because it most certainly is. However, what really made my Iceland experience something I’ll never forget was the ability to choose my own path, which simply wouldn’t be possible by going by tour bus with a set itinerary. 

Our Kia from Lagoon Car Rental allowed us to stop in the middle of nowhere with mossy lava rocks surrounding us on both sides. We jumped on these and it felt like we were on the moon with how spongy they were! We were able to stay in Akureyi for an extra night even though we didn’t plan it, as we loved the town so much and felt we didn’t get enough of it in one day. We also were able to stop every five minutes to pet Icelandic horses, take pictures with sheep and gaze out at red painted barns and houses for as long as we liked. Without our cute 4-wheel-drive Kia this simply would not have been possible. 

Although all of Iceland was extremely memorable, something that will stick with me for the rest of my life was driving with the windows down and the rare sun shining down, playing music and watching the incredible vastness of Iceland roll past us. I daresay this really is the only way to experience the Ring Road. The entire time my boyfriend and I kept referring to Iceland as the country of a thousand worlds. Quite literally every hour or so the surrounding terrain would change completely. One minute we were driving through a vast desolate dessert with sharp mountains in the far distance and the next we were going through bright yellow trees and past beautiful glassy lakes. There was a surprise at every corner and we couldn’t help but stop the car every five minutes to get out and gaze at the wonders before us. The four-wheel drive on our KIA was definitely a life saver as there was some bumpy gravel roads we drove through, but the car handled it perfectly. 

Visiting Iceland:

In the summer you’ll get beautiful clear skies and tepid weather, but this comes at the cost of higher prices throughout the country. On the other hand, visiting Iceland in the winter will be quite cold and you risk dealing with extremely bad weather the entire time. I highly suggest visiting Iceland during the fall. Before taking my trip I was worried that the cold temperatures would be too much and that it would be raining the entire time. However, neither had any impact on how much I enjoyed my trip. Yes there were days that were cloudy and even rainy, but even when it was, Iceland’s beauty shone through. In fact, I’m so glad I got to experience Iceland’s rolling vast clouds and fog, as it added to its beauty and many of Iceland’s terrains seemed meant to have the sort of mystic aura about it that was afforded by the changing weather . That’s not to say that the sun didn’t come out for us, as there were several days where we got pure sunshine and even if not we often got to see the sun for at least half the day before it became overcast. Visiting in October also allowed us to save so much money from cheaper food to cheaper accommodations and of course Lagoon Car Rental would be my preferred choice of affordable transportation. :)