North Lake Tahoe's Magical Beauty and Cedar Glen Lodge

Crystal clear blue water, sandy beaches and blue skies? Think I'm talking about somewhere in the Bahamas? Nope, Lake Tahoe. I really was struck by how tropical the water seemed, even if it was much chillier and surrounded by pine instead of palm trees. Still, when visiting this ethereal place, it really feels like you've escaped home even if, for me at least, Lake Tahoe was an easy few hours away. We went during off season, but got lucky with how warm it was even with some snow still around. There are plenty of things to do in Lake Tahoe and many use it as a destination to ski or snowboard, but we came with no plans and still had a wonderful time. 

The Accommodations: Cedar Glen Lodge

For three nights we stayed at the Cedar Glen Lodge in North Lake Tahoe. It was in such a perfect location that we were able to go on four awesome hikes while we were there, as well as enjoy the small towns adjacent to it. 

Cedar Glen Lodge provides the quintessential  lodge experience with an outdoor fireplace that provides everything to make smores, a hot tub, as well as cabins that feel incredibly homey and woodsy. Take that and add to it that our room had an amazing view of Lake Tahoe and I was in love. 

Exploring Lake Tahoe

The aim of going to Lake Tahoe was simply to explore it. I've passed by it several times and never had the opportunity to do more than stop quickly at a beach along the road so I really want to take the time to see a few spots. As most know, Lake Tahoe has a California side and a Nevada side, and if you wish to do so you could drive around the whole thing in a few hours, as its a beautiful 68 mile loop. However, we decided to pick out a few spots to explore and take our time exploring them. 

This included "The Secret Beach" and  "Chimney Beach", both found on the East side, which is known to have still, crystal clear water. I really love the juxtaposition between the forest, snow and crystal blue water. There is only so many places in this world that offer that combination.

Eating Out in North Lake Tahoe

Every day, we enjoyed going into town and trying the different restaurants. However, we ended every day by going to Lake Tahoe Brewing Co., which for any beer lovers out there, I highly recommend the Hop Song IPA. I highly recommend being around their for sunset, as the town is right across the street from the beach so you can head over as soon as the vibrant pinks and oranges start to show. I saw one of the most beautiful sunsets in my life, with its perfect reflection on the glassy water.

If you're looking for a change of scenery, but don't want to venture too far away, Lake Tahoe is a wonderful place to bask in nature, hike and relax.