Norway With Touring Cars

Norway is a fairytale. I couldn't even believe some of the views I saw. From colorful fishing towns to gorgeous fjords stretching further than the eye can see, it is the definition of a real-life wonderland. I got to experience only a portion of it by road tripping from Oslo to Bergen in a Touring Cars RV, but what I saw was life changing. 


Driving an RV gave us the freedom to stop where we wanted and see what we wanted, which made our trip so liberating.  Our RV had its own fridge, kitchenette with a stove, THREE beds and a dining room table all of which still managed to be compactly fit into a vehicle that didn't require any special license to drive. Not having to worry about the touristy stuff really helped us concentrate on experiencing an authentic Norway. We were on our own time, without having to worry about checking in early to hotels or checking out on time. We didn't have to worry about expensive restaurants or dragging our luggage from one place to another. Getting used to driving a large vehicle was a bit of a challenge at first, but Touring Cars was kind enough to give us lessons and we were on our way. 

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Ryjukan was one of my favorite stops we made on our road trip. It was the first place we went to after picking our RV up in Oslo. From Oslo it was only a couple of hours before we were in the middle of a gorgeous forest with streams and waterfalls all along the way. Ryjukan is surrounded by mountains and so halfway through October they stop getting sun completely. This doesn't stop the area from still having a cheery charm however. We climbed up Gaustatoppen by taking the RV halfway up the mountain and from there making the three hour trek. However, for those who don't want to make the climb, there's a convenient mountain tram that will take you all the way up. There were some parts that were quite icy and the hike is a bit strenuous, but the views were worth it.  



The journey from Geilo to Ryjukan was gorgeous. The terrain changed the higher up in the mountains we got and it was interesting to see the trees go from beautiful yellow foliage to a stark wintery bareness the further north we got. We stopped in a mountain town called Geilo for the night. The great thing about Norway is that you can stay for one night on anybody's land and so we had our pick of where to park our RV. There are also plenty of campgrounds to choose from, which give you access to WiFi and electricity. 


Flåm had to be one of the most magical sights I've ever seen. We were surrounded by stunning autumn trees and immense fjords before driving into a town that I wasn't even sure was real. It was almost overwhelming to be there and I wasn't sure if I'd be better off just trying to take it all in and make it last in my memory forever or take as many pictures as I could (I tried to do both).




Bergen has a small town feel even though it is the second largest city in Norway. We were able to park the RV at a nearby arena and decided to walk the 45 minutes to the city center. The city gave me an almost Parisian vibe, although it really has its own unique flare. We wandered around and made our way to the old wharf. I love cities almost as much as I love being surrounded in nature and so it was nice to see a lively part of Norway.



Eidfjord was another gorgeous natural phenomenon. We took a different route back from Bergen and weren't even expecting to come upon such a beautiful area (although we weren't that surprised). Close to Eidfjord we were able to see Voringsfossen, which is a waterfall that tumbles into a deep basin. It's a bit scary looking out at it as there's no fence and you really have to peer over the edge to see it. 



Our time in Norway came and went so quickly, but also seemed to stretch into its own eternity, which is something that seems to happen every time I travel to a new place. I never thought I would get to travel in such a unique way as driving in an RV, but I wouldn't have done my first Norway trip any other way. Touring Cars Norway's motto-- "change your backyard everyday" sums up my experience pretty well. I was able to live on the road in comfort and make all of Norway my backyard.