The Amsterdam Canal Hotel - Amsterdam


The Amsterdam Canal Boutique Hotel offers you the grandiose feeling of stepping back in time. I could almost hear the clopping of horses on the cobble stone streets and the bustle of what Amsterdam must have been like 100 years ago during my stay there. The building that this hotel was renovated in dates back to the early 1900s and is fashioned in a Victorian style. Everything about it is beautiful and dainty. 

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The highlight for me of course would be the view of the canal from the window, in Autumn the trees display of oranges and yellows are illuminated by the canal’s water below. It’s a view that is so picturesque, the room is worth it just for that. I highly recommend getting up early in the morning and having a coffee on the terrace to bask in it.

The Amsterdam Canal Hotel isn’t just about the views and imagery, however, as they also take care to make their visitors feel welcome and their needs well looked after. Our room came with a mini fridge filled with complimentary snacks and drinks and we had our own Nescafe maker to satisfy early morning and late night caffeine needs. One of my favorite parts of the room itself had to be the jacuzzi bath.

Although our stay at the hotel was quite short, its central location allowed us to walk to restaurants and bars in a very hip area without needing to hop on any public transportation and allowed us to see many of Amsterdam’s sights during the day. Our visit was also made by the complimentary breakfast, in which we got to choose from an array of selections. I went with the pancakes with marsclpon and it was probably the best breakfast I’ve had in Europe so far.

The Amsterdam Canal Hotel is luxurious, but not unattainable for those on a budget. If you want to splurge a bit on a hotel in Amsterdam, this would be the one to do it.