Teleport Hotel - Amsterdam

Traveling for long periods of time starts to wear on you if you're not careful. The key I've found is to feel at home wherever you are. Whether it's watching your favorite show or reading a book and staying in one day, doing things that you do when you're home while you're abroad really helps you feel relaxed and gives you time to wind down. However, something that also really helps is feeling at home where you're staying. When we first entered Amsterdam Teleport Hotel with our heavy luggage and tired eyes from the night before, we were immediately welcomed and felt right at home. 

The inside of Teleport Hotels is decked out in colorful pictures all throughout Amsterdam and the word that comes to mind when I want to describe it is--spunky. Teleport focused less on being fancy and showing off and more on ensuring the complete comfort and ease of their guest. From the free hydration water, fruit and coffee in the lobby to the fridge and microwave in our room, staying at Teleport Hotel allowed us to feel at home in Amsterdam. 

Besides this, Teleport ensures that their guests always have something to do. During the Amsterdam Music Festival they put on a Mojito and DJ party where they served everyone free drinks.  In addition on November 27th and 28 they are holding an open house when street artists will be painting some of the rooms and giving workshops. DJ, Mojitos and Bites will be present as well so if you're planning a trip to Amsterdam, that's when to do it! 


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