Fusion Maia - Da Nang, Vietnam

One word that describes Fusion Maia: Oasis. It is a stunningly relaxing spot to take a moment (or two) to yourself to catch your breath and to take a break from the outside world. Upon entering you are greeted by a magical aesthetic-- fountains overflowing with flowers, an infinity pool reflecting the ocean it sits next to and pavilion cabanas scattered around.

Our Room


Clean, bright and modern, but what really stole the show was our private pool. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to relax and sunbathe without anyone around! You can also get breakfast, snacks or drinks poolside on a floating tray. Although I didn’t do that, I did bring over a giant unicorn floaty to play with (which can be requested at the spa).



Breakfast is a special event at Fusion Maia and what makes it so unique is that you can have it anywhere and anytime. This includes on the beach, at the spa or in your private pool. You can also elect to eat breakfast at the buffet if you’d rather see your options laid out for you! The first morning we were there we ate breakfast at the buffet and also ordered a few a la carte items. I had a smoothie bowl with fresh bananas, bee pollen and granola as well as a few things I picked out from the buffet like coconut chia pudding and watermelon juice. All of it was extremely fresh and flavorful.

The next morning before checking out we elected to have our breakfast on the beach. I chose the “Caring Pancakes”, which were made with avocado and came with a mango compote. Omg! They were the best pancakes I think I’ve ever had. Our breakfast spread also came with yogurt, pastries, coffee and juice. I’ve never had breakfast on the beach before, but now I can say it’s definitely something you have to experience. Even when it started raining, we were covered by the cabana so we were quite cozy.

The Seafood BBQ

On our last night we ate at the special “Seafood BBQ” being held. It was a buffet with dishes that all had fresh, sea-inspired ingredients. There were also a handful of chefs grilling lamb, steak, fish, shrimp and lobster on a grill right in front of you! All of it was so tasty, but my favorite was the seared ahi tuna and the fresh shrimp spring rolls. The buffet also came with an array of desserts like s'mores brownies, strawberry cheesecake bites and fresh local fruit!

The Spa

Fusion Maia is one of the most unique resorts I’ve ever stayed at, namely because of their spa service. They are an “all-inclusive spa resort” meaning that your spa treatments are included in the price of your stay! In fact, you can get two spa treatments a day without paying more than your hotel room price. I chose to vary my spa treatments so I could get a little taste of all the different offerings:


Chris chose to get the deep tissue sports compress and I got the Warm Pressure massage. Safe to say that mine was a little more soothing and relaxing, but now a few days later Chris says that his back has never felt better! We got our massages together, which was a really nice bonding experience too. While Chris’s was a little strong, he had a few kinks he needed worked out so it was perfect. On the other hand, my masseuse used warm oil and a more gentle touch, which left me feeling so relaxed!

Body Scrub

Chris and I both got lotus root body scrubs before our massages, after which both our skins felt baby soft and smooth. I definitely recommend getting a body scrub before your massage!

Manicure and Pedicure


When I saw that you could get a mani and pedi as part of your spa experience, I was so excited! My nails had been looking a little ragged from all the adventuring I've been doing and definitely needed some TLC. I loved how my salonist took her time with my nails and even did a hand treatment so my hands were super soft! I chose a dark purple color on my hands and baby blue on my feet.

Mindful Energy

In the spirit of trying new things, Chris and I elected to try the mindful energy treatment which was meant to clarify your mind and promote mental well being. It was definitely a new experience and very invigorating!


Lastly, I got my ultimate favorite spa treatment--the facial. I was given several different face masks, oils and toners, as well as a steam treatment that resulted in my face feeling very smooth and refreshed.

The Property

Fusion Maia has to be one of the prettiest resorts I’ve ever stayed at. With multiple pools--one with a cascading waterfall and one infinity overlooking the ocean, beautiful purple detailed interior and a sprawling property with separate restaurants, villas and spa area, Chris and I chose not to leave the property during our stay. That being said, Maia Fusion does give you the option of taking a bus into the neighboring ancient town of Hoi An for free!




Chris and I walked away from Fusion Maia, Da Nang feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. It was one of the most relaxing stays we've ever had at a resort and is definitely the get away you need!

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