The Three Biggest Things that Stop People From Traveling and Why You Shouldn't Let it Stop You

There are three big things that tend to stop people from traveling--Fear, Laziness and Money. All three of these have weighed on my shoulders at one point or another, but I've gotten through them and have gone on to pursue traveling the world. Here's why you shouldn't let fear, laziness or money stop you from traveling. 

Don't Let Fear Stop You

When it comes to traveling, especially to a new place-- you need a certain amount of bravery and faith. This is especially the case if you don't have everything planned to a T. In my previous post, I talked about the pros and cons of planning your travels and just winging it (check it out here). However, what I didn't fully touch on is that no matter how much planning you put into your trip, if you've never been somewhere before, you're still going to get that "leap of faith" feeling in your stomach; the butterflies of anticipation.

It all comes down to the instinctual "fear of the unknown" or as Teal Swan puts more accurately, "we do not fear the unknown. We fear what we project unto the unknown." What stops a lot of people is not the fact that they don't know what will happen when they travel to a new place, but they fear that the worst things will happen to them while they're there. This is especially the case in this era when we hear of terrorist attacks and tourism crimes almost every week. From fearing that your luggage will get lost to getting attacked on the streets, the worrying can be endless. 

At the end of the day, this is what you need to realize:

The world is an unpredictable, and yes slightly dangerous place! But here's the thing: 1) the world is unpredictable EVERYWHERE. (I lived two blocks away from the San Bernardino terrorists when I went to college, meanwhile in Thailand, which was deemed unsafe by my parents and the US government, I ran into nothing but kind-hearted people ) 2) complacency is more lethal than unpredictability. Don't let the unknown stop you from living your life! You can't predict the future, but you can be sure it'll be monotonous if you let fear stop you. Take the leap!

Don't Let Laziness Stop You

Traveling takes work. That is absolutely true. Even if you wing your trip, you're not going to be able to buy your ticket and take off just like that. First of all, you have to pack and prepare with all the things you'll need abroad-- charging adapter? mosquito spray? first aid kit? Wait it gets to 30 degrees there? Packing and preparation takes a lot of time and effort. For me, having to do so a few days after graduating almost was enough to back out of the whole trip. 

You may be one of those people that never stops being "on", like the Duracell bunny. I commend and wish I was like you! However, if you're anything like me, one minute you want to take on the world the next you want to curl up and watch Netflix. 

Of course there is the "all inclusive" type of traveling, but if you're going to be traveling without the help of a company, getting from point A to B, figuring out where the heck your hotel is, running to catch the next ferry, getting packed in like sardines on a bus, hiking to see a national treasure--- these are just some of the things that come with seeing a new place and they are all much more exerting than sitting on your couch.

So if you're like me, thinking about all of the work that goes into traveling may be deterring you from doing so.

Yes traveling takes work, but that doesn't mean you have to be on the go 24/7. Take the time to find a cozy cafe and read a book for one of the days you're abroad, stay at your hotel pool and relax, even (god-forbid!) watch Netflix while traveling. If you have a tendency to have a lazy-bone every once in a while, then know that you can give in to your laziness while traveling and it won't take away from it! This is the key to not getting burnt out on the go, especially if you're abroad for long periods of time. There were several times when I made the decision to just relax and catch up on work instead of getting into the heat and touring around and I didn't regret doing so! 

Don't Let Money Stop You

This is the big one and probably the number one factor that stops people from traveling. I wrote a three part series on how I afford to travel if you want to check those out here, here and here. However, what it really comes down to is what I choose to spend my money on. I have been asked on several occasions how I make so much money that I can travel all the time. Here's the thing-- as a recent college graduate who isn't going into a corporate job, the answer is at the moment I don't make heaps of money! The key is that I prioritize traveling. If you really want to do it, then you will. You just have to make it happen. And no, you don't have to sell your car or give up your lease, but you could for instance, not buy Starbucks for a whole three months and you'll have your airfare right there!

What's next on your travel bucket list and what's stopping you? Comment below!