How I Afford Traveling: Step 3-- Making Money While Traveling

Using credit cards and saving money  are both common place ways to obtain funding to travel. However, what many people avoid doing or not even think of doing is making money while they travel. In this day and age, it has never been easier to make money online and in fact is not hard to do so. While I was traveling Asia, I worked online for 2.5 hours a day 5 days a week and made $350/week. That sum allowed me to entirely pay off my credit card bill and save $1,800 extra while abroad. 

In reality, while traveling you don't really want to always be on-the-go, adventuring 24/7, especially if you are traveling for more than a few weeks. If you don't have some down time, you're going to get burnt out. Instead of watching a movie or chilling with a book during your down time, why not make money online to sustain your travels? All you need is Wi-Fi (which is available everywhere these days) and a reliable laptop. Let's take a look at some of your options:

Freelance Work

This is partially what I did to make money while traveling-- about a month prior, I started searching for online jobs that weren't extensive, but would pad my wallet nicely while abroad. There are almost endless freelance opportunities online and in fact the demand for people who can work remotely is growing rapidly, as employers realize how much cheaper it is to hire someone without giving them an office space, cubicle, insurance, etc. No matter your skill level, there's a job opportunity out there for you online.

Here are some websites I recommend checking out to find an online job:

  • Upwork is an amazing site that connects people looking to hire someone for various jobs to people looking for remote work. I guarantee you'll find opportunities that match your skill set on there.

  • This website was designed specifically for people who wish to travel. Its job board is more for those who have specific skill sets.

  • I use this job board all the time to find writing jobs that aren't too extensive. Often times the employers on here are looking for someone who can put 5-10 hours in a week so it's perfect for people who can write and who only want some extra padding in their bank account.

Getting Hired

Those are just a few of the many, many job boards to look through. I recommend starting your job search a couple months before you take off so that you have plenty of time to not only secure work, but also to get used to it. Besides looking at the above job boards, you should simply Google "freelance jobs" "online jobs" and any terms that match your skills such as "online web design jobs". You'll find that there are pages of websites to sift through. It only took me about a week of applying to some of these online jobs to find one that fit. 

Making Time to Work

There's so many things to see and explore when you're traveling. Not only that, but getting from one place to another takes a lot of energy and time out of your day. That being said, you can easily make time in your schedule to work a few hours a day as long as you are disciplined about doing so. You don't necessarily need to stick to a strict schedule, especially as your daily routine will often be different every day. However, just by committing to putting in a few hours wherever you can find them, you'll find that you plenty of time for both work and play.

Here are my favorite times to get some work done:

  • Early in the morning right when I wake up. I find I'm most productive in the morning and so I like to wake up, drink some coffee and either work on my personal projects or put some work in.

  • When its raining outside. It's a perfect excuse to get a good chunk of your week's work done and out of the way so that you can enjoy a full day of sun when it's out.

  • Before going to bed. Although you may be less productive, getting an hour in right before bed doesn't really feel like much. However, this won't really work if you want to go out drinking.

  • In between a morning and night activities. That way you can take a little rest in between two activities.

Although this isn't true for everyone, after several hours of being in the sun, hiking, walking around, etc. I tend to feel a little tired. Being able to take a couple of hours to rest in a cool room and get some routine work done actually becomes nice and even invigorating. It's all about the balance. I find the daily activities invigorate me to put some work in and my work makes me excited to get out and play, discover and see.

Income Stream

There are many bloggers out there who make all of their money through different endorsement and sponsorship deals, affiliate programs, selling e-books, etc, but I am not yet one of them. 

However, as someone who will travel extensively and if you do too, then it is something that you and I both need to work towards. My goal is to be able to successfully foster several different income streams. As a beginning traveler, I think that starting off with an online job is an excellent way to start on a path to making money while traveling. However, you should also start looking into opportunities to foster income streams through such things as blogging, video making, Instagram posts etc. 

I will continue to blog about my experience in fostering these and share my insights with you guys so subscribe and stay tuned!