The Girly Girl's Packing List Guide to Surviving a Fall/Winter Trip

There are two things I'm balancing during my Iceland preparations--looking at least semi-cute and staying warm. There are plenty of people who may scoff at the idea of maintaining any sort of appearance while in the rugged chilly Icelandic environment, but I say bring it on! I'll be driving around the ring road with We'll be staying in guesthouses some of the time, but there are some instances where we'd like to camp.

Full disclosure: I was an idiot and ended up in Seattle with all of my summer clothes and my winter clothes locked in storage in LA so I pretty much was stuck with buying everything from scratch. Thank god for Amazon though! If you're going on a long trip and need expensive equipment or just a lot of stuff I definitely reccomend getting an Amazon credit card. They let you put everything on for 12 month 0% APR so you can make even monthly payments. I think I'm paying about $20/month for the stuff I got, which includes some expensive camera equipment.

Of course there's a lot of things on this list that's not required, but will just make the trip more comfortable. It's up to you to decide how much you can spare on a fall/winter trip and realize the more you bring, the harder it is to get around.

Winter Boots


The ones I got are called Northside's Katmandu Winter Boots and are waterproof and fur-lined, which means your feet are going to stay warm even if you're trudging through snow, sludge or rain. They're both cute and really functionable, which is why I got them--oh and they're only $30! I ended up wearing these on the plane because they are chunky and would take up too much space in my bag. 

Casual Boots


These West Boulevard Shanghai Winter Boots are also fur-lined, which makes them super cute to wear during winter, but the best part is that they can strap up to hide the fur and make them longer. Doing this instantly turns them into a fall boot and pretty much gives you two boots in one. For this brown color and my size 7, these boots were only $10! They also are great for walking and have good support. I ended up walking 7 miles in them yesterday and my feet felt great. 

 Pro Tip: You'll notice on Amazon that for certain items the color and size makes a big difference in price. It's worth it to look through the different brands to find one that sells what you want in your particular size at a super cheap price. You may also want to consider comprising on color and even go one size up if it makes a huge difference in price. I went for the size 7s in these even though I'm a 6.5 because the shoes were $10 instead of $50 and they're barely loose.

 Warm Canvas Blanket


This is on of those things that definitely isn't a requirement, but will come in handy. If you're going compact, then an extra large blanket probably won't be on the top of your list, but if you have some room, it'll come in handy. First of all, if you're camping like me, having an extra layer of warmth can never hurt. Second of all, it's great to wrap up in on a brisk moring. It's tightly woven and thick so will definitely keep heat in. I got this particular blanket from Indy Brand Clothing



I would say thermals are a necessity if you're going anywhere cold. Although they're not the cutest things to wear, they'll keep your body temeperature up and are great for layering under a winter coat.  



The bows on these gloves are a little corny, but they're fur-lined, super warm and I'll cover the bows up with a jacket so who cares? I'm not a big mittens person and like to be able to move my fingers around so these gloves are great. Added bonus: these have pads on the finger tips so you can use your phone without freezing your hand off when you have to pull a glove off (we've all been there). You can get them here!

Hand Warmers


These aren't a necessity and may even be excessive depending on where you go, but I decided to bring a few along just in case and I'm glad I did! Stuffing a couple of these in my gloves as been a finger saver. Find them on Amazon here!

Travel Blanket


This thing barely takes up any room and is a great filler for a sleeping bag or if you don't want to use those scratchy blankets they give out on a plane. Find it here!



I love winter hats! I decided on bringing three in neutral colors so I always have one to wear if I want to. These things will keep your head warm and on the days your hair is not doing so well, they'll cover up the evidence. ;). There's an assortment on Amazon, so I'll let you decide.

Yoga Pants


Yoga pants are a girls best friend, especially when you're traveling. They're perfect for long plane rides, can be worn as pajamas and you can still look put together if you pair them with some boots and a jacket.  

Long Johns


Long Johns are probably the least glamorous thing you can bring (they're called long johns for crying out loud), but they'll keep you warm and no one will be judging you in your sleep.  

Shower Wipes


The box description pretty much sums it up. Camping/car camping in the fall/winter pretty much means that it's a crap shoot as to whether or not the showers will be working at a certain camp site during this time of year. These can keep you feeling clean, especially after a hike. Find them here

Velvet Fur-Lined Scuba Leggings


Velvet fur lined scuba leggings? Lol yes please. Can you guys tell I like fur-lined things yet? These leggings are made of the same material as a scuba diving suit, i.e. They keep the heat in really well. The velvet fur also makes them incredibly comfortable. These bad boys are really only useful if you're going somewhere really cold, otherwise they'll be too hot.

Sweatshirts and Hoodies


These are pretty much going to be a staple for any traveling millennials. These sweaters have to be the softest things I currently own and they're super cute! I got them at Indy Brand Clothing too. 

Infinity Scarf


Any type of scarf will do, just make sure it's not too scratchy and will actually keep your neck warm! 

Sleeping Bag


If you're doing any sort of camping, then this compact little guy is perfect. It's a cold weather sleeping bag so can keep you warm in temperatures as low as 32 degrees and as high as 50, but is perfect for temperatures in the 40s. The best part is that it has a compression mechanism to make it super small and fit in a suitcase or backpack comfortably.  

Dry Shampoo 


If you're camping in Iceland or another cold-weather country during the winter/fall months then there may be portions of your trip that you'll be out of luck as far as a shower goes. In Iceland, campsites usually shutdown their showering facilities at the end of the summer so dry shampoo can be a bit of a lifesaver. This one is also really small so you don't have to bring a whole canister with you. 

One-a-Day Energy Vitamins


Your diet can take a hit when traveling, even if you were careful to eat your greens and protein at home, the second you're abroad and especially on the road that can go out the window. Besides this, you'll likely find yourself more active whether you're hiking, exploring or just running to catch your flight. Pro Edge has all the typical vitamins in a One A Day with the added benefit of natural energy.   



I chose an anti-aging moisturizer, but any will do to help protect your skin from a harsh climate. 

Car Power Inverter


With a camera, drone, two phones, a computer, a WiFi hotspot and an iPad, being able to charge electronics on the go is a must. If you're driving the Ring Road or any other sort of adventure in a car, you're going to be thankful to be able to charge your electronics on the go. This inverter has two USB plugs and a regular one. 



You're going to need a fresh pair of socks every day so make sure you have plenty! The ability to do laundry can be a bit limited so make sure you have enough (same goes for underwear). 

Hair Protection and Recovery


Your hair can take a beating the same as your skin so it's a good idea to pack some sort of hair recovery product. 

Face Wipes


These travel products from Teodora are awesome to keep your face and hair moisturized and looking good. They're also all natural and smell amazing! 



Do you know how bright it can get when the sun reflects off snow? In general it's a good idea to pack a pair of sunnies no matter the season.  These cute shades are from Nectar Sunglasses.

Winter Jackets


This is just one of the winter jackets I got from Dezzal and Dressfo. In total I brought five different ones. Excessive? Maybe a little...oops. Anyway, I felt I needed a fur (faux) coat in Iceland.


There you have it! Of course this isn't an exhaustive list and at the same time not all of these things will make a huge difference if you don't bring them along. At the end of the day you can survive anywhere with the bare minimum. I chose to bring along a comfortable amount of items so that I won't be wishing I had certain things. Is there anything I'm missing on this list? Comment below!