A Foodie on a Budget’s Guide to Campervaning From Cairns to Sydney

Maybe I’m the only one, but I LOOOVE going out to eat, especially while I’m traveling. (Lol of course I’m not the only one). During my Jucy Campervan Tour one of my favorite parts was getting to try so many delish restaurants along the route. All of the restaurants I ate at were budget-friendly ie. Campervan-ing friendly. There’s a misconception that Australia is unreasonably expensive as I found plenty of good deals along the way! Here are my top favorite restaurants and bars that we stopped at during our trip.

Mackay: Zambrero

For all my US-readers,  Zambrero is set up similar to Chipotle and who doesn’t love Chipotle? However, I found their ingredients to be so much fresher! Zambrero prides itself on providing wholesome, healthy and organic options. I had the veggie burrito and it was so good and really reasonably priced!

Rockhampton: Giddy Goat Café & Bar

Rockhampton has a ton of cute cafes and restaurants all sequestered in one spot so I definitely reccomend walking around and seeing what you fancy. We ate at a pub that served amazing fish and chips called Giddy Goat. They also had craft beer on tap and some other great food options for a reasonable price. 

Noosa: Grill'd

Okay so I didn’t realize this was a chain until after, but I had one of the best veggie burgers of my life there. They also have all sorts of grass-fed beef options and a cute little dining interior.

Noosa: Halse

This was one of my favorite places we went to! It’s not exactly a restaurant or a bar, but a hostel which serves amazing food and drinks at great, hostel prices. Although you may be turned away by the whole hostel thing, it actually was adorably decorated with hanging lights, a gorgeous outside patio and plenty of tables available at all times. The fish tacos here were superb and they also had great beers on tap.

Byron Bay: Bay Kebabs

This falafel/kebab place is to die for. I literally have not found an equivalent to it yet. You may think I’m exaggerating, but it actually was that good. The best part is that it was super cheap and fresh. You choose the ingredients you want and they make it right in front of you! It’s not a sit down restaurant so prepare to walk around with it, but they wrap them up really snuggly so there’s no problem! THIS IS A MUST TRY.

Byron Bay: Get Toasted

They only take cash, but you can get a super delicious and cheap breakfast here. Their specialty is melted cheese sandwiches and they make all kinds of fancy renditions. Their coffee is also excellent.

Coffs Harbor: Element Bar

I loved this place! They had amazing decor and great food that was reasonably priced. I had the Haloumi Burger here, which I’d never had before. The portion size was so big and they officially converted me to a haloumi lover. For those who don’t know its a type of cheese that you can use as a meat substitute kind of like Paneer. 

Sydney: Potts Point Hotel

I’m a sucker for fish n chips and this British-style hotel pub made the best I’ve ever had (you probably have caught on to a trend by now).

 I’m not kidding though, I had some of the most reasonable and delicious food on my Jucy Campervan tour. It really made me a believer that it’s a total misconception that Australia is insanely expensive. Of course, if you go to the trendiest restaurants then yes, you’ll rack up a bill, but that’s the same with most western countries. Drinks are definitely also more expensive, but we found happy hours throughout our trip with great deals.