Tamarind Springs Forest Spa - Ko Samui, Thailand

The word "Serenity". What does that word mean to you? To me, there doesn't necessarily need to be a specific place that you need to  go to seek the feeling of peace or calm, but instead it is a feeling can overcome you anywhere, especially through meditation and relaxation. However, that's not to say that a place like Tamarind Springs Forest Spa doesn't bring about a sort of instant calm. In fact, the moment that Chris and I sat down and chose the oil that would be used on us (I chose peppermint and eucalyptus), I did suddenly feel at peace with everything. Tamarind Springs Forest Spa is rated number one spa in Ko Samui on Tripadvisor, and Chris and I had the opportunity to come see why. 

The Steam Room and Pools

The entire property is beautifully placed within a forest with overhanging trees, wooden walkways and seemingly natural pools of water. We were given an hour and a half to meander between cold pools, a body scrub station, and steam rooms, all of which were delightful. I'm a pretty big baby when it comes to heat and so I could only last in the Sauna for 2 or 3 minutes before I'd have to run to the cold pools, but it was all entirely enchanting nonetheless.  l loved the fact that the steam rooms were placed in these natural looking cave rooms with only stained glass windows to allow light to pour in. 

The Snack

Once we were done with the pools and steam room we made our way to a hut at the top of a stone stairway, which had a snack placed for us within little bento boxes. We each got vegetable spring rolls, pineapple slices and a sort of fried tofu. I love tofu, actually more than any meat and so I was in heaven. They also had coffee and tea available. We only had to wait 15 or so minutes before two ladies came to get us to bring us to our massages.

The Massage

We both got an hour and a half classic oil massage and it was life-changing. I haven't gotten a massage in at least two years and even then it was only a thirty minute one, but this was in a whole new category. We were taken to our own private open air room where we laid down and were given a full body oil massage. Our masseuses took stress out of our body that we didn't even know we had! Honestly it was such an amazing experience to be able fully relax for 90 minutes and let someone work out all of the tension in your body.

I never really knew the value of a massage until today. Your not paying for the actual massage, but really the feeling it gives you after--that feeling of pure serenity.