RumFire Poipu Beach - Kauai, Hawaii

When you're eating out for a friend's birthday, you want to make sure the spot you pick is lively. You don't want dreary piano music, bland food and boring drinks. Although we didn't have a guarantee of this when choosing RumFire as the spot to celebrate my friend's 23, we got lucky, as our experience at RumFire was one of the most fun I've ever had at a restaurant!

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Happy Hour


We started our night at the bar, which made the boys quite happy as they got to catch the ending of a football game on the giant big screens that are placed overhead. Meanwhile, the girls went to work deciding what drinks they wanted to try out. Since draft beer is $4.50 during happy hour and wine is $5, everyone decided to start with that. I got a house Rosé, which was fruity and delicious. 




The Drinks


RumFire is called so for a reason, as they're famous for their rum-based cocktails. My friend Aidan and I decided to get two drinks to share--a blended mango mojito and passion fruit martini. They were both so impressively good, we couldn't get over it! Over the course of the night we tried a few others, including a chocolate martini that they lit on fire! Overall, the drinks were so interesting and delicious, they're worth coming to RumFire alone.


The Ambiance


RumFire resides within the Sheraton and one of it's most worthy qualities is that it is smack dab on the water and facing the sunset. It was such a beautiful view to see the blazing pinks and oranges of the sky setting as we started ordering our food. I definitely recommend calling in to try and get a table by the windows as you'll be in for quite the treat.

The modern decor of RumFire mixed with the view of the ocean is quite special. They also play live music on the weekends, which adds to its cozy feel.

The Food


After a coupe of drinks at the bar, we sat down at our table to order our food. Aidan and I decided to share two vegetarian appetizers, because we both don't eat meat and couldn't decide between the two. We went with the flatbread and goat cheese salad. On the other hand, the boys ordered a lobster burger and catch of the day dish. We were all so in love with our meals and the general mood of the candle lit dinner. It was a beautiful experience. After we ate, we decided to sit at the bar again for dessert and our flaming drinks. Once again, Aidan and I shared and got a Crème Brulée cheesecake. I don't usually go for desserts, but let me tell you--this was something else. 


RumFire is the type of place that makes any night feel special. I loved that although gourmet, their drinks and dishes were not overly priced. Each aspect of this restaurant can stand on its own for a reason to go, but combined it makes for a place you can't miss if you're visiting the beautiful island of Kauai.

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