REI's Outessa Summit in Kirkwood, CA

One of the aspects of traveling that I enjoyed the most was being able to meet people from all over the world, different educations, and ages. Something about joining in on the experience of traveling united us and made us able to connect despite any differences. The one thing that everyone seemed to have in common was their mindset--a sort of blanketed laid-back, joyful vibe that they carried with them. Even if two people had nothing in common, they could share in the commonality of being in a beautiful, new place.

Being back home, I already miss that, which is why I'm counting down the days until I get to go on the Outessa Summit. I have a feeling that I will experience the exact same thing--women from all walks of life, different experience, from all over the US coming together to enjoy something that they love--being in the outdoors.

The Outessa summit is an adventure-packed weekend filled with outdoor activities like a sunrise yoga session, hiking, nature photography, etc. It's a chance to meet new people who share a similar love as you do.

Check their website out!

There are two events--one in Kirkwood, CA on August 19-21st-- and just to give you a feel this is what the area looks like:

The other is on Powder Mountain, UT September 9-11, which look like this:

Here's REI's description of it:

"You fantasize about a getaway with stunning views, open spaces, and adventure. Imagine a custom schedule built from hundreds of options, wholesome food, good wine, challenges and the instruction to meet them, time to yourself, and the synergy of dauntless women. Envision an event where you indulge in anything you desire without a shred of guilt. Imagine coming back enlivened with new skills and lifelong friends. Outessa just became your dream getaway."

I'm going to be going to the Kirkwood, CA location. I'd love to meet some of you guys out there! If you're interested then register by clicking here .