Bali Quad Discovery Tours

Bali Quad Discovery Tours was one of the most exciting days I've had abroad. It started around 8am when BQDT sent a van to our hotel in Ubud to pick us up. From there we drove about an hour inland until we were right in the heart of Bali. I thought Ubud was green, but the center of Bali is the type of jungle that you see only in Nat Geo.

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I was a little nervous getting on one of the huge machines that were ATV's, but Bali Quad Discovery Tours sat our group down for an instruction video and took us out on a test drive around a course so I felt pretty comfortable once it was go-time. After, getting used to the test drive we were off, navigating our way through steep hills and declines in the jungle. My favorite part, however, was that we got to pass through two traditional villages, which was an experience I'd never have been afforded without BQDT.

After about an hour of ATVing we got to hop into a buggy and finish our jungle trek. We had about 45 minutes afterwards to rest and eat some lunch, which was provided to us, before we were off on our next adventure--tubing. our guides (both named Wayan) took us down, deep into the jungle of Mandala Wisata and put us on inflatable rafts. Our tubing journey put Disney Land to shame. Chris and I felt like kids again, laughing the entire way down as we got soaked to the bone and flung down mini waterfalls through the magnificent, otherworldly jungle terrain. However, the entire time we felt entirely safe in the hands of our guides who were kind enough to nudge us if we got stuck. Half way down the river we even got to get out and go down the Flying Fox, which was a small zip line that just added to the fun. 

I recommend Bali Quad Discovery Tours for anyone who is looking to combine adventure with the natural beauty of Bali and its culture. We really felt like we got the whole package with BQDT.

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