Akureyri Whale Watching With the Ambassador - Iceland


I’ve seen whales in an aquarium before, but that’s the extent of it so I didn’t know what to expect when boarding The Ambassador in Akureyi. In Seattle there are similar whale watching tours, but never a guarantee to see a whale. On the other hand, The Ambassador Whale Watching tour guarantees that you’ll see a whale and if not they’ll provide you with another trip for free.

Even if we didn’t see any whales that day the views that we were getting of the surrounding Fjords and mountains was spectacular. It was 9 in the morning and the just peaking light was thrown on the water making it glitter a deep blue. It was only about 20 minutes into chugging along that the whale spotter on board (not sure if that’s the accurate term, but the girl standing on a post with binoculars) called out the first whale. Everyone on the boat gathered at the helm excitedly, cameras in hand, and sure enough in the distance we could see water spurting in a stream. Suddenly, we see a tail flip up into the sky in a beautiful display and disappear beneath the water’s depths. We were informed that this meant that the whale was going down for a deep dive and didn’t need to come back up for water for several minutes.

We continued our search for more humpback whales and within the next hour we saw more displays of flashing tails, spurts of water and breaks in water as the massive body of the whale protruded out. At one point we saw some seven our eight in a span of fifteen minutes! We were quite literally surrounded by whales.


By far the highlight of this trip was when a whale swam past The Ambassador practically bumping into it. I could see its massive while flipper in the water and I really just was in awe at how big these creatures are. After capturing all of the whale footage and photography I could ever hope for, it was nice to put down the camera and just enjoy the beautiful views with my own eyes.

The entire tour lasted about three hours, but the excitement of it stayed with me the rest of the day. I highly recommend taking the time to see Iceland’s friendly giants if you get the chance. It will only take a few hours out of your morning after which you can be on your way.