San Luis Obispo, Ocean View Ranch and the AirBnB Experience

You've all heard of AirBnB, but have you heard of the Air BnB experience? It's a new venture that expands on the idea of a stranger opening up their home to guests, but now essentially are opening up their life. These "experiences" allow people to get a window into the life of locals living in interesting locations all over the world. From bread making in Paris to DJing in LA, you can tag along in all sorts of situations.

I myself chose to experience the ranch life in San Luis Obispo wine country over the span of two nights and three days. Going into it, I wasn't sure what to expect, as to be honest when I use Air BnB, I typically choose the "entire apartment/house" route and end up never interacting with the hosts.

Immediately, any reservations were put to rest however, when my boyfriend and I met our hosts, Art and Kelly, they were such wonderful people that we immediately got along with and it was clear that they had put a lot of thought and consideration into crafting an experience that allows their guests to get an inside peak into the SLO lifestyle. 

Wine Tasting

Our Air BnB experience started with wine tasting at Harmony Cellars. We tried eight different kinds of wines that were all lovely and all produced in house. We learned that Harmony Cellars is a family-owned boutique establishment that is committed to keeping their production small so that they can maintain their quality.

Central Coast Food and Wine Pairing

After trying eight different wines, we had definitely worked up an appetite and so I was delighted that are next destination involved food. We were taken to STAX Wine Bar where we got to try even more wines, but this time paired with fresh seafood, filet mignon and even several types of chocolate cake that were to die for. Safe to say, Day 1 was a success and anyone who is a gourmand or wine lover, will already be in love with this experience.

The Accommodations

Up until this point, we actually hadn't gotten to see where we would be staying, as we were running late to Art and Kelly had graciously picked us up on the bottom of their road so that we could make the wine tasting. It wasn't until the morning, when the light poured through our windows and I was a little more aware of my surroundings (hey, there was a lot of wine involved the night before!), did I really get to appreciate our room. The view was the first thing that stood out. Art and Kelly own 1,200 acres of beautiful rolling hills nestled a bit inland of Morro Bay. As far as the eye could see was green hills, trees and closer by were horses literally rolling around in the mud. 

Kelly stocked our room with everything we could possibly need, including hummus, chips, water, coffee, wine and an assortment of snacks. Our room was a sort of guest house, separate and private from their main house, but upon waking up, I received a good morning text from Kelly that she had made us breakfast burritos and we were all set for out day's adventure.

Kayaking in Morro Bay

With breakfast burritos in hand, we headed off to Morro Bay to do some kayaking. What was so cool about this experience, is that we were lead by team member of a Kayak Shack, who was extremely knowledgeable about all the wildlife around the area. We went along and got to see seals super up close and personal, as well as all kinds of birds. It was a little windy, so our kayaking trip was cut a little short, but I still enjoyed getting out and getting to experience the wild life and bay. After the trip, we had a wonderful picnic and were driven back to the ranch to enjoy a few hours to ourselves, which we used to explore a bit of the sprawling land owned by Kelly and Art. 

Next Day Yoga and Massage

Although we were sad that our time on the ranch was coming to an end, there really is no better send of then a morning yoga and massage session. Kelly had put together a yoga studio separate from her house and brought in both a yoga instructor and an hour later, a masseuse to have a fully professional and relaxed experience. 


If you've stayed at Air BnB's before, then your still in for a completely different surprise when it comes to taking part in an Air BnB experience. Although every activity we did during our three days was wonderful and really gave us a sense of the area, it was connecting with Art and Kelly that made us leave with our hearts full. I cannot wait to try out other Air BnB experiences as it truly is an excellent way to meet new people and experience a way of life and not just a vacation.