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Appreciate What You Have in the Present Moment

Appreciate What You Have in the Present Moment

“Hey bud”, I look into his warm, dark eyes. “I love you with all my heart.”

I wish there were someway that I could translate my words into his head so that he knows what I am saying, but I have a feeling that my own eyes are demonstration enough. Perhaps that is how dogs understand you, through the reading of your eyes. I rustle his black fur still soft to the touch but now tinged with a bit of grey. We grew up together him and I. He was a big part of my life, and when things were bleak for me. When I got bullied and when I was the new kid with no friends, he was the one I came home to and wrapped my arms around. He was the one that gave me a knowing look, as if to say, “everything is going to be okay, but hey would you mind passing me that food in your hand?” He is my best friend in many ways. This creature of no words always knew exactly what to say.

It is an injustice that such loving, and important beings in our lives leave us long before we’re ready, but there is also a simple beauty to the process. He will always have a place in my heart, and when he is gone there will be a hole only filled by the memories of undying devotion and love he had for my family and I.

Something that I am coming to terms with, as a great life lesson is that you must not take for granted what is present before you. As I write this piece, Kuma (my dog) currently lays by my feet staring at me now and again. As devastated as I am that my dog is getting older and that the years ahead of him are unknown, I also feel a profound amount of honor at being able to call myself his owner and his best friend.

There is something whimsically serene and right in thinking about something in terms of its loss. There really is no other way of appreciation to the extent that is deserved without acknowledging that one day in the near or far future, they will be taken away from you and that that is the great tragedy of life. Nothing lasts forever, but if you’re able to grasp it in the present moment and truly appreciate what it is you have in your hands while you have it, all is not lost.

Eventually, Kuma’s life will be in the past and will fade until all that is left is a blur of memories clumped together and an everlasting, but subdued love for him. There is no way to avoid this, but I can in the present moment appreciate every second that remains and acknowledge that my time with him is precious. At least then, when the time for him to close his eyes and rest his old, furry body has come, I will be left with no regret in holding every second I had left with him close to my heart.

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