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Controlling the Mind to Maximize Productivity

Controlling the Mind to Maximize Productivity

Have you ever wondered how celebrities like Beyoncé or Diplo manage to accomplish so much? As if they have an endless supply of energy that they run on. Look at Diplo--he manages to be a songwriter, entrepreneur, director, innovator, producer and icon all in one go. Lately, a question that’s been bothering me is how do celebrities, athletes, and CEOs manage to be so “on” 24/7? Did Diplo learn how to forgo sleep?  Are he and his fellow "demi-gods" of the world somehow born better than the rest of us?

 I turn this question over a lot in my head, especially as I  am currently in the balancing act of being a blogger, influencer, student, girlfriend, friend, and content creator. I mull over how Diplo manages to be at max productive capacity all the time when my motivation and productivity deplete rather quickly. I've come to the conclusion that no, Diplo and friends are not superhuman, but they are definitely doing something that many of us are not. 

Passion Fueled Motivation

When you have a paper to complete or a work deadline looming ahead, you may start off strong, but more often then not after some time typing away, a little voice in the back of your head whispers “you’re bored take a break." You get that sudden urge to check your phone or browse the Internet. I’m not sure about anyone else, but unless I’m hyper-focused on what I’m doing, after twenty minutes or so I’ll start to get a tight feeling in my chest until I stray from my work. 

That feeling is the bane of my existence; it is what’s stopping me from being the most productive person I can be, a person that can juggle all the balls and wear all the hats. But what differentiates Diplo from me concerning motivation? I believe part of it is that he can grind hours on end because he’s grinding for his passion, he’s stoking the fire of his desires and accumulating its rewards. 

Those people that are the most successful at what they do manage to get there by finding their passion, and putting all of their energy and time behind it. I have a feeling that Diplo rarely feels like he’s grinding because he’s found his passion. Not only did he find his passion, but he followed through and allowed his endless motivation, fueled by his hunger, to carry him to reach his many, many goals. Whereas when I sit down to study for my business exam or write an article, I have to push through and feel the burn of depleted motivation, because neither of those is building my goals to achieve my dreams, there’s no hunger behind it. 

Controlling the Mind

There’s another component of Diplo’s massive success, which is that he’s learned how to take control of his mind. We are not our minds, but instead our minds are a tool at our disposal. That is unless we let them run wild, in which case we are more or less its tool. 

That little voice in the back of your head telling you you're not good enough to get that promotion or try out for the basketball team or that you’re too tired to work out, that’s your brain, not you. Letting that voice get to you, control your actions, well that’s what a lot of us do, often me included. In fact, in most cases we let that voice tell us what mood we’re in, what we feel like doing, how productive we’re going to be, etc. 

Then we have Diplo. I have a feeling he’s learned how to take control of his mind. He’s turned the tables and grabbed the reigns.  The little voice in his head doesn’t control him, but instead he’s geared it so that it’s routing him on, telling him to push forward, keep going, that he can be the absolute best at what he does. In the case that it doesn’t, that it says he cannot, and that Diplo feels defeated, unmotivated, lazy, I think what does differentiate him from many of us is that he pushes through. It’s like he presses the override button in his head and says “Nah, I’m gonna keep going anyway.”

Motivation is a Muscle

So what can we do about this? I’m not saying you have to be a Diplo, but if you’re searching for a way to excel and succeed at an endeavor you’re in, whether it be to finally finish that book, create that website, or get the body you’ve longed for, then I recommend that you first take into consideration the reason why you want to do it. Are you unmotivated to do something because it’s going against the grain of your real desires? If so then a simple fix to your productivity problem will be to rethink where you are putting your energy. 

However, if your problem seems to be more centered on your lack of willpower to push through and do what needs to be done to take a step forward in your goals, then it’s time to take control of your brain. You won’t be at Diplo-level right away, but motivation is a muscle and just like working out, the more you push yourself, the easier it will be. Next time you get that voice in your head telling you, you can’t do something, or you get the urge to check your phone, then override it. Even try mentally visualizing an override button that you press, you’d be surprised how quickly you’ll shut that voice up. Make your brain work for you and not the other way around.

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